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A cultivator, a motivator, and an encourager are some of the words that I can use to describe just how good of a trainer Zee has been to me on my weight loss journey.  The energy she gives when she is working with you shows how serious she is about wanting to help you become a “better version of you”, that you can’t help but to want it for yourself!  There were times that I would fall off the bandwagon with my eating habits and then I would see a “I know you not” message from her and I needed that!  I can also recall a time where I was late for class and 10 minutes after the start time had passed I had a text message with emoji eyes meaning “I don’t see you in here”, and I needed that too! This is a ministry of transformation for her and after my first month with her when I saw how much I had transformed I was sold on sticking it out......10 months later I look at my transformation and couple that with the compliments that I receive from others and I’m just amazed!  I don’t even look like the same person and beyond pleased with who I’m “shaping up” to be!  I don’t think a day goes by without someone asking me what I’m doing and my response is always “my trainer is the best around”.  Zee is sincere about really wanting females to rediscover themselves and reach both their body and weight-loss goals.  Having an extremely busy lifestyle with being of service to others I lost focus of taking care of myself, but I’m thankful that Zee helped me to rediscover the importance of putting myself as a priority and when I started doing that the weight I had been carrying around fell off! It’s me versus me always! Thank Zee!  

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