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Meet  Coach Zee


My name is Zeonca Roseberry. I was born and raised in Covington, GA. I obtained my certification to be a Fitness Bootcamp Instructor in 2013. Not only am I certified to instruct fitness classes, but I have been certified in the healthcare field for 11 years where I specialized in Cardiology. I am BLS certified as well.

I started FGR because of my inspiration and passion for fitness. I love educating and helping women on how to live a healthier lifestyle. I started out with 4-5 clients in 2013. Since then, I have trained many women all over the country. Some of their testimonies, reviews, and transformations can be viewed under the transformations tab. I offer small-group and Zoom trainings for women who prefer to work out in smaller groups. My goal is to educate as many women as I can on how important it is to stay in shape and most of all how to be healthy. My classes rotate every 4 weeks. The classes consist of a combination of exercises, that are like a Bootcamp – High-Intensity Training style.  


Aside from being a trainer, I am a Herbalife distributor. To promote my brand and for the supporters of my company, I sell FGR apparel, essentials, and gear. New clients are always welcome and I look forward to being your fitness trainer.  

I’m located at 53 Crowell Rd N Covington, GA 30014 Suite 77.  If you would like to contact me I prefer being contacted via email at or 404-217-0037

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